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9 Best Mind Mapping Apps for Mac to Organize Your Ideas

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Download Now. Top community discussions about eMaps Is there a better alternative to eMaps? See discussion Is eMaps really the best app in Travel category? See discussion Will eMaps work good on macOS See discussion. Requirements for eMaps OS X Similar Software. The paid version lets you zoom in on a hex or range of hexes to add more detail to a specific area, also an option to import an image such as an outline map and draw on top of it.

6 Free Mind Map Apps for Mac to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Ortelius by MapDiva is I believe the best map-making app out there right now for mac. Version 2 is apparently right around the corner.

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If all you want is a cool world map, donjon has a generic world generator that works pretty good and runs online you can easily export the maps, though. If you happen to be running a fantasy campaign or one of a handful of scifi systems there are slightly enhanced generators available on that site as well. All of the stuff is free, and takes basically no time or effort to use, which is pretty sweet.

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Read more about locked posts here. Chuck Dee A iPad Air 2 64 GB. Used to read game PDFs, run modules at the table, control playlists on my Mac, and jot down notes. The iPhone: The Watch: Apple Watch Series 3.

Top 10 Best Mapping Software for Mac that Will Make You Love Mac All the More

Campaign notes: I write my adventures and campaign notes using Typora , a Markdown editor for the Mac. I keep track of my campaign calendar and character experience using a spreadsheet on Google Drive. I also use Google Drive to collaborate with other game masters on big campaign events where two or more of us will be running concurrent games. Finally, I use Google Keep as my scratchpad for the random campaign ideas that I get throughout the day.

Geographic Data Visualization

I use Forged Anvil , an Excel -based, fan-built spreadsheet for character creation. Combat tracking: Overland mapping: A robust Java-based mapping tool for creating dungeon maps.

2. MindNode

Ortelius Cartography for Mac OS X. Vector Mapping Software Free Trial. Ortelius introduces super smart cartography tools that speed-up the process of manual map making, plus a full Ortelius isn't GIS – it's a creativity app for map design. Magic Maps is a tool for creating beautiful, informative maps. It includes a rich feature set and is much easier to use than high-end GIS packages. Here are some.

You can use it to create battle maps, one-page dungeons, and even random dungeons … complete with room descriptions! Hero Lab:

Introducing Ortelius 2