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follow url My email provider uses Horde. I have verified the Win7 firewall allows Outlook to pass email. Have any ideas? Thanks in advance, Dennis. July 26, 6: Great this worked for me the initial solution , but I had to break the inbox folder into smaller sets before the download started. The mbox import facility is already there in Mac Mail.

Cheers, Josh. October 18, 3: When I downloaded to an MBOX file horde did not give me an option or info on where the file is stored, how do I find it or manage it? October 30, 8: Alex Schenker Admin.

If you give us the name and version of your web browser ie. Firefox 5 we can give you precise instructions where you can configure your download destination settings. October 31, 3: My question concerns the process I need to do in order to access my horde emails from gmail. How do I send them there?

I tried to set it up through gmail, and failed several times. Any ideas? January 20, December 13, 8: June 23, 9: Thank you for the how to.

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Saving my mails even zipped worked great. Should I try to find a tool that helps me split the mbox file into smaller chunks or is some other reason more likely?

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All hints are welcome. January 6, 7: We Rock Your Web. January 11, 6: January 6, 3: We wrote a separate article that addresses this issue: Import Outlook Contacts into Horde. How do I get my username and password for Horde Webmail? February 25, 3: You can log into Cpanel and reset it. March 2, 4: Please can anyone tell me why I am unable to send email from Horde webmail to my gmail account or the Google apps email account?

March 16, 5: How can I export or make a backup for email messages in horde to outlook express? March 12, The promotional literature on their iMazing. Apps de gestion de fichiers: FileApp , GoodReader , Documents et bien d'autres. Enregistreurs vocaux: Quick Voice , Audio Share Gardez de la place pour les contenus vraiment importants Vous manquez d'espace sur votre iPhone ou iPad? Pour la plupart des jeux, comme Angry Birds 2 ou Clash Royale, vous pouvez: Exportez votre historique de discussion Discutez sans limite avec WhatsApp.

You will get so many extra clients. I am paying already but lacking this feature is important!

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Well, merde. I had to get out of GoDaddy because of the egregious cost and execrable UI, so I did a lot of research but apparently not enough to find the best solution. I settled on Protonmail as the best place for my confidential work communications, secure and also clean and reasonably priced with comprehensible organization and instructions. I gamely jumped through all the hoops to get it set up and. Oh well, Apple Mail will store it and also hold onto my old emails.

I agree with Jenny above:: In the meantime though, how about an ability to select multiple messages from a list and bulk-print them? I was ready to make the switch, but If you want me to trust you with all my data, I would appreciate a more satisfying answer. Unfortunately, we do not have fixed date when this feature will be released. I would love to have this option so I would rarely have to use my Gmail account. Do you know how imported emails from another account will be time-stamped?

For example, I have many old receipts in a separate folder in my old email. That would make the import process A LOT easier for me. We are working on this, and it should be available in the future. We do not disclose any information for now, because we need to do more tests, and decide how the process will go.

Any updates? This issue has been ongoing for two years! Like others I wish to use Proton mail as my primary email however it is essential that we have the ability to import and export emails — until this is done I cannot use this as a primary service. Local copies on a pc are essential as well.

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Cannot believe that this is taking so long to implement. Does anyone know of an offline mail archive searcher? But it would be good to be able to search it. I guess I have to leave it in gmail for now.

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Great question. Current Backup Plus and GoFlex drives come with their sleep timer disabled to allow the computer to control when the drive goes to sleep. Airmail saves its data on the local disk of the device. One EML file represents exactly one e-mail and the content is structured as followed: Tags 10 million emails airbnb applications attachments auto sales basics craigslist crm ecommerce eml files excel export emails filters forms gmail google sheets hotels. Create a Mailparser account.

Not being able to import or export mails is a deal breaker. I hope Protonmail will take this seriously and act soon. I was assuming you had this feature. I was ready to move to ProtonMail, but without access to an archive, this is a deal breaker. Would have no problem paying for this kind of service.

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Protonmail is really great! I hope it will be released soon at least, it would be nice to have a approximate date — 1 month, 3 months, 1 year? Thanks for the amazing work! Ready to move my domain but this is a deal breaker. At least allow to download encrypted archive.

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Great news that ProtonMail is working on this feature, as it seems to a deal breaker for many of us. Womp womp. The inability to import my e-mails from my year-old gmail account is a show stopper. Was about to pull the trigger on a ProtonMail Plus account. Much sadness. I like to preserve all my correspondence. I would like to be able to export folders of messages in a standard format that Apple Mail could import mbox?

Thank you for thinking about it. This is a very important requirement. For Proton to succeed, it needs to allow users to import past emails and likewise for security and backup there must be a way to export them as well. As a company, we could not use this service as our principal email without these features. Is there an update on export functionality? Important considering the mailbox size restrictions. It has been over 1 year since the last comment from Protonmail support on this issue, and almost 2.

A feature that should have been available when the service first launched should not be something that takes years to implement. Now that we can use the IMAP bridge client we could migrate existing emails by ourselves correct? In Thunderbird you can just copy emails from one account to another which easily lets you import existing emails to ProtonMail.

Do you see any issue in doing it this way? Unfortunately I am now thinking of moving away from Protonmail because of the lack of downloadability of my mail. Importing and exporting mail is now possible via the ProtonMail Bridge https: The article has been updated to reflect that. If you need any assistance, please contact our support team at contact protonmail. This is an absolute must-have. Any news on this feature?

This is really mandatory.. When will the import feature be added? It would be nice to be able to export my emails from my current email service to Protonmail. And if not, it would be nice to be able to use Thunderbird with accounts of both old email service and Protonmail so I could do a drag and drop in Thunderbird. Then I would upgrade to Premium. Other than that I like all the features of Protonmail. I am trying to leave Protomail, because the spam filter is so terrible, I used to have a paid account but have now downgraded it to free. I use Linux and you have not yet made Bridge work on Linux.

There is apparently no way for me to get my emails out of your system. If you are interested in the Bridge Linux beta, please send a message to bridge at protonmail. Please note that you will need an upgraded account to use the Bridge. Or would you have to re-tag all your emails again? I cannot tell if this has been answered by anybody completely clearly. I currently do my email using these steps. Triage the emails there discarding spam and email of no interest.

My very limited undeerstanding based on trial and error setup of Thunderbird is that only happens using POP3. Am I correct?

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Please contact our support team at contact protonmail. Being unable to export and archive e-mails makes it hard to manage space. There are e-mails which I do not wish to delete unless I have archived them to my own storage. I also would like to have the ability to directly export mail on protonmail server to my harddisk without using a bridge importing it to e.

This is really a requirement for both security and convenience. Is there currently a way to export emails using proton bridge directly or do we still have to use a third party mail client to get this done? Exporting emails is currently only available if you set up your ProtonMail account via the Bridge and the target account in a third party client. Once both accounts are set up in the same client, you can drag and drop messages to move them between the two accounts. Import of emails from old provider into ProtonMail via AppleMail and bridge: Works, BUT the text of that email, now in Proton, is hardly to read.

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How to solve? Thanks for advice! Please contact our Bridge team at bridge protonmail. It refuses to accept the server password box, saying that the incoming IMAP server connection was dropped and please check those settings. The settings are exactly as the Bridge configuration instructions specify; so I am effectively blocked from configuring Outlook to receive and send ProtonMail e-mails.

For more information, please visit https: I eagerly anticipate this tool. Dragging thousands of emails from one folder to another is not really an option. That is not Rocket Science. Tutanota can do it. Why not ProtonMail?

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Exporting messages in. Click on the More button when viewing a message and then the Export option. Leave this field empty. For support inquires please visit: For security related questions: Facebook Twitter. Toggle navigation. Ask your Question Search for: Other ways to import and export emails How to export emails for free users Free users can download emails individually.

Choose a location to save the email on your device.