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Nintendo Wii. Learn more. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. Learn more Make sure that you have the correct equipment. You'll need the following items for this task: USB flash drive - This is the drive on which you'll install the games. Wii remote - If you have a newer black model of Wii, you'll need a generic Wii remote to help with the installation. Format your flash drive for FAT Keep in mind that formatting a flash drive will erase its contents, so back up the contents to your computer or another flash drive if necessary.

Empty the Wii's disc drive.

How to Download Wii Games for Free to Your Wii Console Using the Homebrew Channel

If there is currently a disc in the Wii, remove it before proceeding. Connect your Wii to the Internet. Your Wii will need a network connection in order to install the bulk of the USB tool's files. Install Homebrew on your Wii. If you haven't yet installed the Homebrew channel for your Wii, you'll need to do so before proceeding. The Homebrew channel allows you to install custom modifications, one of which will let you play games off of a USB drive. Format your SD card. Once you've installed Homebrew with the SD card, you'll need to wipe it clean so that you can use it for the USB installation files.

The easiest way to do this is by formatting the SD card. Use a Windows computer for this part. Unfortunately, you cannot format correctly your flash drive for Wii use on a Mac. If you don't have access to a Windows computer, try using a library PC or borrowing a friend's. Determine your Windows bit version. You'll need to know whether your version of Windows is a bit system or a bit system in order to know which file to download in a minute.

Go to https: It's near the top of the page. Click a download link.

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Depending on your computer's bit number, this step will vary: Open the ZIP folder. Double-click the downloaded ZIP folder to open it. Double-click setup. It's in the ZIP folder.

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Doing so will open the setup window. Install the program.

Step 1: Get Dolphin

To do so: Check the "I agree" box and click Next Click Next twice more. Click Install Uncheck the "Show Readme" box. Click Finish.

Installing Homebrew for Free Wii Game Downloads

Format your SD card. This will extract the files to a regular folder and open the folder when the extraction completes. Download the selections you want and move the compressed folders to the SD card. Cookies make wikiHow better. Select another slot.

Plug your flash drive into your computer. The flash drive should fit into one of the rectangular USB ports on your computer.

This should be on your computer's desktop. Click OK when prompted. Select your flash drive. Click the "Drive" drop-down box in the upper-left corner of the window, then click your drive's letter usually F: If you don't know the flash drive's letter, look for it in the "Devices and drives" section of the This PC app.

Format the flash drive. Click Format at the top of the window, click Yes when prompted, and then click OK when prompted. Eject the flash drive. Click on the flash drive's icon in the lower-right side of the screen, then click Eject in the pop-up menu and remove the drive from your computer. Plug your SD card into your computer.

The SD card should fit into your computer's SD card slot angled-side-in, logo-side-up. Open the file download site. Click Download. It's a blue button in the middle of the page. The files' ZIP folder will download onto your computer. Extract the files. On a Windows computer, double-click the ZIP folder, click Extract at the top of the folder's window, click Extract all in the resulting toolbar, and click Extract when prompted. This will extract the files to a regular folder and open the folder when the extraction completes. On a Mac, just double-click the ZIP folder to open it.

Open the Files folder.

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Copy the files. Click your SD card's name. It's on the left side of the window. Paste in the files. The files will copy onto the SD card. Eject the card.

Once your files finish copying, you can proceed with removing your SD card. Mac - Click the upward-facing arrow to the right of your SD card's name in the left-hand pane. Plug your SD card into your Wii. It should fit in a slot in the front of the Wii.

Understanding the Homebrew Channel

Of course the Wii never got many quality games but the console was Download and install Dolphin emulator and you should see this screen when you open the app: Where can I download wii games on mac for free?. To install the Homebrew channel and download Wii games for free you will need: An SD Card; An SD Card Reader; Windows, Linux, Mac OS or an operating.

Turn on your Wii. Press your Wii's power button, or use the power button on the remote. The Wii's remote will need to be on and synced as well. Press A when prompted. That is not playable or enjoyable, and I began to investigate options to improve the performance. Dolphin has their own performance guide , but for my particular computer, there were a few things in particular to take into account:.

Instead, it was primarily the CPU that caused performance concerns during emulation! Some games require certain settings for optimal appearance, but individual settings may actually hinder or enhance performance on particular computers or games. Also, don't put your computer somewhere where it's poorly ventilated! Just a heads-up, because the games are being emulated using reverse-engineered code, you may encounter a glitch or two due to evolving algorithms and compatibility in the Dolphin software. This glitch may in fact be solely caused by my specific system configuration and settings mentioned above , but your results will most-likely vary between various computers and versions of the Dolphin software.

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